Toeing the Line


My husband is a really good shopper. For me! He always picks out interesting items, often things I would never choose for myself. Now, sometimes he chooses clothes for his own benefit, leaning toward the tight and short. (That article was a proud moment in our marriage, and “a little bit slutty” is still a common refrain in our household…) But, more often than not, he’s right on!

The article linked above is what started my Stephanie’s obsession, so he’s only got himself to blame.

A couple months ago, I asked him to go to the store to pick something up that I had seen on their Facebook page. He came home with the John and Jenn two-piece outfit above.

Wait… Is that a crop top? Yes, it is. Am I (much) closer to 40 than 30? Yes, I am. Did I keep the outfit and wear it in public? I sure did. Hey, my belly button is covered!

It was a risk, but I felt good, if just a little self-conscious at first. I took a deep breath, channeled my inner Taylor Swift, and off we went. We were at a garden party, and it felt right.

Will I be adding a closet full of crop tops to my wardrobe? No way, but I’m glad I experimented with this one. I actually bought a skirt this weekend that would probably look awesome with a simple, solid crop top. If you see one, let me know!


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