Soccer mom life


That’s my goalie up there!

With 2 boys who love soccer, we’re at a practice or game at least 5 days a week. I don’t love how much soccer consumes our lives these days (not to mention my stomach does flip flops the whole time Seth is in goal), but it’s what the boys love to do. We’re nearing the end of the season, so it was time to break out my party pants.


The past couple years, I’ve amassed a small collection of printed and colored denim. At first I thought it may be a passing trend, but it seems to be sticking around.  The pattern on these James Jeans pants is a little crazy, but I love them.  Paired with the matching Red Haute top (both pieces from Stephanie’s last year) and my comfy Target Merona sandals, I felt great.  Sunglasses are Valentino from Nordstrom Rack. Why not mix it up getting dressed to go to a soccer game? Working from home, sometimes the most excitement in my day is hanging out on the sidelines at an elementary school soccer field.

My husband, Jason, is my usual photographer, and he snapped these pictures as I was crossing the field at halftime after I brought Seth his water bottle. Once I realized what he was doing, I got self conscious. I’m trying to do better with having my photo taken!

IMG_9518 1


I love my summer dresses, but sometimes I just want to wear my party pants!


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