Nicole Miller Double Shot


Oops, radio silence from me last week. Jason and I were lucky enough to have a week with no kids, so we took full advantage by going out to eat every night. Pair that with work craziness, and there was no time to blog.

I’ve mentioned my love of Nicole Miller here before. Today I thought I’d share two dresses, one that I wore in a casual setting and another in a slightly more formal one.

I have at least 5 of this style of Nicole Miller jersey dress. I’ve stopped myself from buying more, even though I love them. They have diagonal tucks across the midsection that are very flattering. Not to mention they are super comfortable and easy to wear dressed up or down.

I featured this year’s acquisition in one of my first posts, about our date night to Surly.


This is a maxi version. (You’ll have to trust me.)

I may have a problem…

I recently wore this bright citron and grey striped jersey dress to get my hair cut (hence the super smooth locks that I can’t recreate myself), and out with the family. We stopped at the new Blu Dot Outlet and took these pictures nearby. The Bauhaus Brewery is right there too. I love this spot, so pretty!



Citron and grey is one of my favorite color combinations! Jason created this monster by buying me this dress, my first of this style, at Stephanie’s for my birthday a couple years ago. I picked up the silver necklace in Mexico while we were down there for our friends’ wedding several years ago. I feel like it goes with just about everything.


Here is another that I wore to the Como Zoo garden party! This one is at least slightly different from the others – I really like the pattern mixing here, and the flowers were perfect for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the conservatory at Como Zoo! This event was still fairly casual, so I felt OK going with the jersey dress, but dressing it up with accessories.

como zoo brightened

I purchased the dress from last year. My jewelry was made by local designer Karin Jacobson. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, and own so many of her pieces, but these are my favorite pieces by far. The earrings and cuff are from her Comet Fade series. They are sterling silver with ombre plating in yellow or rose gold. I cannot tell you how much I love these! Visit Karin in the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. My bag is from the Coach outlet. The color is what drew me in.

This was a crazy humid, rainy day, so I wore my hair in a French braid. It’s unusual for me to wear my hair up and back, but I would have been a frizzy mess otherwise!

Many of my cocktail dresses and gowns are by Nicole Miller, but I love that I can wear my favorite designer in a more casual situation too!



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