Hot Summer Sunday



I tend to wear dresses every day in the summer, no matter what we’re doing. I find them easy and comfortable, so why not?

A couple Sundays ago, it was going to be really hot, and we didn’t really have anything planned, so I threw on this outfit.

IMG_9439 1

Since I work from home, sometimes only leaving the house on a given day to take the boys to day camp, I need to get OUT on the weekends. I don’t care where we go, just as long as I’m out in civilization.

On this day, we settled on running some errands near home and ended up at Wagner’s Drive-In for lunch. It is one of those old-fashioned burger and shake joints where you pull up to the menu/intercom contraption, flip the switch to let them know you’re ready and place your order. They bring it right out to your car in a wire tray that attaches to the door.  The kids loved it!  The burgers were juicy and delicious and my blueberry shake had hunks of real blueberries. It was perfect hot summer day food.

I’m pretty sure the last time we were there was when we were on our way home from North Memorial Medical Center with barely 24-hour old Sam. IMG_3749.JPG


Almost 8 years ago!




My top is the Lna Aura tank from Evereve. I like this one but even though I’ve washed it a couple times, the dye rubs off on my bag, which is annoying. The shorts are from J. Crew, 4″ chinos in sweet persimmon. I bought the Clark’s sandals years ago, and have really put them through the paces.  They are really comfortable and can be dressed up or down. We discovered Brittany Foster of bmf jewelry years ago, and I just love the organic twisting metal of this pendant. This was probably one of the first artsy pieces of jewelry I ever bought (not fine jewelry, not chain store costume jewelry). I recently rediscovered it in my jewelry box and I find myself reaching for it a lot these days. We still see Brittany around at many of the art shows around town, and I definitely make it a point to seek out unique jewelry.

I haven’t really worn a lot of shorts in recent years, but I’m trying to be more comfortable in them this summer. We recently took a family vacation to South Dakota, and I wore shorts and tennis shoes every day. It’s so rare for me to dress like that, when we got home my 7-year old made a point to proudly tell my friend all about it!


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