Guest Post: The Many Shoes of Jamie Yuccas

I’m very excited to share my very first guest post – from Jamie Yuccas! Jamie is a good friend and my husband’s co-anchor on WCCO This Morning. She has been encouraging me to start a blog for awhile, so it’s only fitting that she be my first guest poster.  Jamie shares about her awesome shoe collection below.


I am so honored Alyssa DeRusha asked me to guest blog on AlyssaStyled! Thank you!image1

I’m so proud of her for following her fashion passion and sharing her style secrets with the world. Girl Power!

I have always loved when her husband, Jason DeRusha, and I are asked to do events together. It’s not because Jason is really easy to work with, but because I get to see what Alyssa decides to rock at all kinds of events. 

Because she is the authority on putting together outfits, I thought I would focus on what I love best. Shoes.


People seem to at the very least like my shoes, too, so that’s a plus. This week I was stopped to get a picture of my shoes and to  find out where I shop for my shoes. The final piece of evidence that I might pick out pretty cool footwear, was while Jason and I Grand Marshaled a parade (what a ridiculous sentence) and a woman yelled out: “I watch you every morning to see your shoes!” Thanks!


According to Pinterest, I’m not alone in feeling pure enthusiasm for what goes on my feet.

There’s all those memes:

“A woman with cute shoes is never ugly.”

“My clothes might be tight, but my shoes always fit.”

“Some people say laughter is the best medicine, I would argue it’s shoes.”

They’re all true. The right pair of shoes can comfort you, make you feel sexy, playful or even tough. I have bought outfits just to go with my shoes. As a news anchor, when I’m asked to do promo shoots for the station, I actually think about my shoes first. I leave shoes everywhere. Under my desk, in three different closets at home, hanging in the studio. Why? Not to drive co-workers and my husband crazy, but because I might change my mind depending on my mood!


While I do like shopping for shoes, I don’t like spending a lot. I invest in snow boots, cowboy boots, rain boots, but everything else is usually a cheapie.

What’s cheap? $40 and under. I use and www.Shoedazzle.comEach site is $39.99 a month. For that you get a pair of shoes. Both sites have also added handbags and clothes, but I stick to shoes. You can opt out of each month if you don’t want to spend the money or if they don’t have something you like. Sometimes other discounts are offered. I’ve gotten 2 for 1 sandals and 75% off fashion tennis shoes. Each site does ship to you, but provides everything you need to ship back, if they don’t work out. I find the sizing information on each site pretty spot on.


Some things I think about when shopping for shoes:

 A nude shoe can be so sexy. Remember nude can elongate your legs, especially in a skirt or dress.

And on the flip side, a black pump is always sophisticated.

But sometimes for big events neither is going to look “right.” My advice is to then seek out a muted metallic and get a second opinion –either by taking a picture or having a girlfriend over. I always check out people’s shoes at events, they can make or break the entire outfit!


I find shoes are a very easy conversation starter with people of all ages. If you have an event that you have to attend on your own or will be in front of a group of people you don’t know, why not stay conservative with hair and make-up and make a splash with your shoes? Do something a shade brighter than what you’re comfortable with. Maybe get the heel that’s got cut-outs in it. A pump with a lace up front.


Shoes that my gut yells: These are fun! Get the most reaction. Good and Bad! And to me both reactions are ok because if I like them, and they fit well, that’s all the really matters.

Cheetah print (Good)

Graphic design (Good) 

Studded (Ladies like them, Men don’t seem to get them or make a comment about getting hurt.)

Mesh boots (Mixed reaction from both sexes, people either LOVE them or HATE THEM, but most people give me props for trying!)

That’s why I say take a risk. Especially if you have a tendency to dress more conservatively either because you have to at work or because you like to. Shoes are an easy way to try a trend and spice up your wardrobe.

You can also find all these types of shoes at Target, cheap. (I have a cool pair of very sparkly flip flops that get complimented all the time that I found for $3!)

You can buy uncomfortable shoes. It’s ok, just make sure you  have some really comfy flats in your purse. I’ve ordered these from Amazon before and they’re great and yes, right now they’re $4.99! I also always carry Band Aids for the occasional blister in my handbag. Even your most sensible shoes can become uncomfortable because of weather, travel, how long you’re standing or because of water retention.


You’ll likely never believe my must-shoe essential: cowboy boots. In Minnesota, they can be worn almost every season and look cute. You can cover up when in need of a pedicure. You can draw focus to your legs, especially if maybe the rest of your body isn’t feeling awesomely beautiful. You can get them dirty. All have some lift in them that gives your calf, quad and buttocks a boost, too. And they’re often the shoe I get the most compliments on from MEN!


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