Alyssa’s Picks: Fall at Target

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I write a lot about Stephanie’s and Nordstrom, but I am an equal opportunity shopper. I browsed through the racks at Target the other night, and thought I would share some of my finds. Hooray for a Target shopping trip all alone, no kids in tow!

For the past month or so, stores have been showing their new fall styles. August just seemed too early to consider talking about fall, but here we are in early September, so I guess it’s time.

Target has a great sale online right now. Most clothing, shoes and accessories are 25% off. You can get an additional 10% off with the code LABORDAY. Shipping is free with orders over $25 and you can return to your nearest store if needed!

I made most of my purchases online after my shopping trip in order to take advantage of the deal, which does not appear to be offered in stores. (UPDATE: It looks like there is a 25% off clothing deal on the Cartwheel app through Monday!) So, I’ve seen many of these items in person, but have not worn them yet. I wanted to get this post up so you can take advantage of the sale before it ends!


  • Long Sleeve Tunic Tee – Just a simple long-sleeve t-shirt that seems to be a decent length. I layer these with my beloved cardigans so I usually end up buying a couple simple tees each season. I bought the Apple Red, which is a bit of a departure for me.
  • Chiffon-Hem Tee – Another fairly simple t-shirt. The jersey fabric was very soft and I don’t have anything else in this color or style.
  • Sweater Duster – I’ve mentioned my love of cardigans on the blog before. I wear them nearly every day in the fall and winter while working in the chilly basement at home, sometimes even in the summer too. I liked the long length and texture of this one. Of course, the length will prevent me from wearing it outside of the house once its cold enough to wear a coat, but this should keep me cozy while working.

sweater duster

  • Aztec Pattern Poncho – I’m not 100% certain about the pattern on this one, and I couldn’t find it in the store. I was looking to try something different, so I gave it a shot. At close to $15, I won’t feel bad if I keep it and wear it only a couple times!


  • Plaid Tailored Blazer – I don’t have a work need for blazers, but sometimes I like to wear them with jeans. I was drawn to the pattern and colors of this one. I did not see it in store so we’ll see when it arrives.


  • Anorak Jacket – I was not looking for a jacket at all, but I saw it in store and thought it was really cute, so I ordered it. The fabric felt very nice and I liked the details like the subtle gathers at the pocket.


  • Denim – Target really seems to have upped their denim game. The Maple Grove store had a very large section of denim in different cuts, washes and colors. From jeggings to flares, dark washed to distressed, khaki to black, there were so many options! I admired the mid-rise jegging in several colors. Flares and boot cuts seem to be making a comeback, but I still lean toward the skinnier styles. I will mix it up a bit though!
  • I purchased this outfit in store, as I could not find the pieces online. The blush faux fur vest is just silly fun, as are the faux suede leggings. I’ve actually been looking for a blush blouse as well. I really want to pair it with burgundy/wine-colored pants. Still on the lookout for those! My boots are from last year. I just threw them on for the photo, not sure about them with this outfit…



  • Heather Sneakers – My friend Natalie wore Converse with a dress last weekend, and I thought the look was adorable. When I saw these shoes, I pictured myself sporting them with a dress. I definitely do not usually gravitate toward casual shoes like this, but I’m excited to try them!


  • Boots! Target has a ton of cute boots in store and online. I don’t need any new boots right now, but a couple years ago, I bought some tall black boots at Target and I wore them almost every day that fall and winter. By the end of winter I had to throw them away, but I loved them and they were well worth what I spent. Fringe is in for fall, and these look cute!


  • Beaded Tassel Necklace – I’ve been seeing a lot of tassel necklaces and bracelets lately and found this inexpensive version.


  • Scarves – I also saw several scarves that I liked. Unfortunately, I can’t find my favorites online, but give them a look.

With my Target and other more inexpensive shopping, I will often pick items that I think might be more trendy. That way, I’m not spending a ton on something I may only want to wear a couple times. Sometimes, I’ll also buy things to “test” them out. So, if I’m not sure about a style I might buy an inexpensive version at Target to see if I like it. If I do, I might try more items of that same category. I don’t expect my Target purchases to last as long as others, but often find they hold up great.

What are you looking to buy for fall? Stay tuned for more of my picks!


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